About Us

Independent Insurance Consultants Agency (IICA) was founded in 2010 by insurance professionals with over 15 years of experience in the captive market. After being captive agents for many years and only being able to sell for one company, the idea of going to an independent insurance agency was appealing, hence the reason IICA was born. The agency is built on strong ethics, positive attitudes, integrity, honesty, morals, and determination. We work together as a family of specialists who are willing to help individuals, families, and businesses with their insurance and investment needs.

We are staffed with quality, knowledgeable, ethical, honest, and community minded individuals. The agents we hire are responsible for treating clients as if they were their own family members as they build relationships. We have a competitive edge over our peers because of superior customer service during the purchase decision and follow up after the purchase. The personal reward and satisfaction comes from building relationships with our clients as lifetime friends.

Jeremy Hullett
Owner, Agent

Randy Jackson, CLU